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Jul 07, 2017  

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Today, the mall is home to nearly 200 mostly mid-level stores and dozens of places to eat. It’s just across the street from another mall, the Americana, which has a majority of high-end shops. The two malls form a sprawling retail stronghold, but Gardner won’t provide specifics on store sales figures or much else. “Well, what I can tell you right now is that we have only one vacancy in the center,” Gardner said.   But according to research firm Green Street Advisors, which tracks things like sales per square foot and vacancy rates, the Glendale Galleria is one of the country’s top 100 shopping centers. One way it’s stayed on that list is by making big changes. A few years ago, mall owner General Growth Properties spent $57 million bringing in new stores and moving existing stores around. Outlet malls thrive as shoppers search for bargains and experiences “We ended up moving, I think, 42 stores,” Gardner said. “Alike stores are by each other, because, you know, business spurs business.” Stores like Skechers and Hollister, once separated for competitive reasons, are now next to each other, which makes things easier for shoppers. The mall also added Bloomingdale’s and surrounded it with luxury stores like Mitchell Gold, which sells high-end furniture. Those replicas of national monuments made out Legos scattered around the mall?

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Benefits Of Choosing A Licensed Audiologist Over Big Box Stores, Online

Benefits Of Choosing A Licensed Audiologist Over Big Box Stores, Online Posted by: KHTS Newsroom in Health And Beauty , Santa Clarita Latest News June 6, 2017 - 10:00 am 0 128 Views While getting a hearing aid from a big box store or online may save you a few dollars initially, there are many reasons to go to a licensed audiologist — including saving you money in the long run, according to Santa Clarita audiologist Nola Aronson of Advanced Audiology. Don’t miss a thing. Get breaking  KHTS Santa Clarita News Alerts  delivered right to your inbox. “In the world today, they are saying that hearing aids are so expensive, but people don’t realize that we bundle our prices,” Aronson explained. “It’s not only the price of the hearing aid, but it includes service — hearing aids need a lot of service.” A few examples of this service includes getting the hearing aid cleaned and adjusted from time to time, and even new batteries. In addition, licensed audiologists like Aronson use their expertise to properly fit hearing aids for new clients. Related:  Santa Clarita Audiologist Nola Aronson: ‘I Am Looking Forward To Making People’s Lives Better’ “What people don’t realize is, yes you’ll find hearing aids less expensive online because you’re only finding a hearing aid — you’re not finding a person to fit it, you’re not finding any service with it,” Aronson said. She continued, “Hearing aids have to be fit correctly in the ear. If you think the hearing aid is too tinny, how are going to get that changed if there’s nowhere for you to (go)?” People who hear stories of individuals not wearing their hearing aids because they don’t work can rest assured that the reason is, they chose to get it from a big box store or online, according to Aronson. “Everybody says, ‘Oh, these don’t work,’” she explained. “That’s because they didn’t go to the right person, the person that follows them along and takes care of them the whole time.” In addition to 40 years of experience — including 30 years in the Santa Clarita Valley — Aronson is licensed by the state in Audiology and hearing aid dispensing.

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