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Jan 24, 2018  

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The history of dating for most women has had one rule: Do absolutely everything right (even if you don't know what's actually coming) because if something bad happens to you and your actions/clothing/behavior/reputation aren't perfect, you deserved it.

"We get everybody in here," Lewis said. "We get parents that their kids said 'hey I need a white collared shirt,' and they're running to a function so they stop in here and grab the shirt, whether they need it for now or for longer than that. We get people in desperate need of clothing, we get everybody." The Co-op is a small, family operation run almost entirely by Lewis and her mom. "My mom and I are both stay at home moms, that's how it works," Lewis said. "We do that, and then we incorporate other stay at home parents, they come in and help us sort and get things running, and that's how we do it." "It was a surprise to go this big," Connie Wilkinson, Crystal's mom and caring Clothing partner, said. "Initially she had told us that the kids needed things at school, and sometimes as a family, if we didn't have something we would pitch together and buy it so that the kids had what they needed." That extends well beyond clothes. They also provide free school lunches to area kids in need. "This is for the kids, say parents hit a rough time, and mom needs to wait to the end of the week to send in the money, dad needs to send and wait," Lewis said. "So this is for parents who need that little extra buffer in between, we just pay for it.

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