Then, In 2012, It Renewed The Program For Five Years, Extended It To International Airlines And Approved $20 Million For The Expansion.

Feb 19, 2017  

Theyre significant incentives, and if they get an airline to come to Stewart or expand service at Stewart, theyre a good thing, said Lou Heimbach, chairman of the Stewart Airport Commission. These airport rents, fees and charges represent the Port Authority's leading source of revenue and are expected to raise $2.6 billion toward this year's $7.4 billion budget. Stewart, where passenger volume has been declining, is forecast to collect $8.5 million. Heimbach said the action only raises more questions about why the Port Authority appears to be abandoning its ancillary project to expand the terminal at Stewart to process more passengers overall, and domestic and international passengers simultaneously. They obviously go together, said Heimbach, who has been lobbying commissioners to restore the $20 million for the project to their 2017-2026 capital plan. When the Port Authority introduced the incentive program in 2010, it allocated $2 million to design a 25,000-square-foot expansion of the terminal to accommodate a federal inspection station for U.S. Customs. Then, in 2012, it renewed the program for five years, extended it to international airlines and approved $20 million for the expansion. The design is still incomplete, and now, the $20 million has been removed from the capital plan that commissioners will vote on Thursday. What happened to their vision? said Maureen Halahan, president and CEO of the Orange County Partnership. They promised to invest $500 million in Stewart when they took it over (in 2007) and, sure, theyve spent some, but theres still a lot of money left on the table. Halahan, who criticized commissioners on this point when they held a public hearing on the capital plan last week in Jersey City, N.J., called the expansion of the terminal central to Norwegian Airs pending start of low-cost flights to Europe from Stewart the airports first scheduled international service.

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Boeing and Airbus had different philosophies. Airbus developed the A380, which is this enormous plane, two decks along the entire length of it, can seat 500-600 people. Their idea was, air traffic keeps growing at a really quick rate, it's doubling every 15-20 years, so we just need bigger planes. And that's true, except that Boeing said, "Wait, rather than having everybody continue to go through these hubs and just make them bigger and bigger, why don't we let people go nonstop on routes where you couldn't go nonstop until there was enough of a critical mass of traffic?" And so they had different philosophies. The result is that, right now, Boeing has better coverage of the full market. They have their narrowbodies, which are the shorter-haul flights, usually less than 3,000 miles, and between 120 to 200 seats at the most at the high end of the range. Then they have the small widebody with the 787, and they also have the 777, which is a somewhat larger widebody, which is more in the 250- to 350-seat range. That actually has a new version coming out that's going to make it even bigger and stretch that range up to as many as 400 seats. Airbus, by contrast, they also are very strong, even stronger, in fact, on the narrowbody side, where they have, especially, the largest variant of the A320, which is called the A321, which has really taken off, seen a lot of interest from airlines, because it reduces the cost per seat the more seats you can put on the same version of a plane. The A321 is just better suited to that market than Boeing's largest narrowbody is right now. So Boeing kind of needs to respond to that, and they're very close, potentially, to announcing cheapest flights to hawaii an even larger version of the 737 that would get it closer in size to the A321.

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"Our team reached out and suggested as it is an important part of the prime minister's agenda and of our economic growth plan," a Canadian official said. "It seemed like a natural fit given their commitments in their platform as well." The official requested anonymity to discuss the meeting in advance. Trump has offered a childcare plan and has signaled an interest in working on those issues. The business round table will be part of an itinerary that includes a bilateral meeting and a working lunch. The visit is crucial for Canada, which relies heavily on the United States for trade. Trump has said he wants to discuss his plan to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement, which involves the United States, Canada and Mexico. There are fears Canada could unintentionally be sideswiped as Trump negotiates with Mexico. Female executives from the United States and Canada are expected for the round table, including General Electric Canada CEO Elyse Allan, TransAlta Corp. CEO Dawn Farrell, Linamar Corp.

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